“Find A Jew”. In search of hidden identity in the USSR

She was a jewish kid under pressure of state antisemitism. Now she starts a journey to look for her own identity.

In search of hidden identity in the USSR

Soviet Jews were often called “the main mystery of the USSR”. For seventy years, millions of them lived in a gray zone of silence and state antisemitism. Still the less they managed to save their identity without generally keeping to their religion, language, and traditions.

Anna as a child. Image courtesy Premier.one

A few years ago Anna Narinskaya, a prominent culture expert and journalist, who herself grew up in such a “non-Jewish Jewish family”, started to explore this vogue phenomenon with an exhibition called Find a Jew. For a feature movie of the same name we came up with experimental narrative techniques that combine documentary, fiction and everything in between.

Anna Narinskaya and Grigory Revzin. Image courtesy Premier.one

A film by Anna Narinskaya
Directed by Igor Sadreev
 1h 18m  English, Russian  Russian
Not yet released. Only available for free limited screening by Secret members

Photo courtesy

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